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Skin Tightening: Naturally With Home Remedy

Updated: May 9

Skin Tightening: Naturally With Home Remedy

The market is flooded with anti-ageing and skin-tightening products. But the major problem with them is they are too expensive and they don't always deliver the results they promise.

That's why I am sharing with you a home remedy that can tighten your skin skin naturally.

All ingredients used are incredible and have been proven to give you amazing results.

If you follow this process exactly, you won't need any other facials and expensive chemical-filled products for your skin.

Let's get into it.

Table of Contents:

Skin Tightening: Naturally With Home Remedy

Home Remedy For Skin Tightening

Step 1: Cleansing

Clean your face properly using a gentle cleanser.

We all wash our faces in the morning, but if you wash your face properly at night, your effort in skin care will become half.

You can learn more about my night care routine →

After properly cleansing your skin, gently wipe it with a soft cloth.

Step 2: Deep Cleansing

This step is going to be very important.



Take some aloe vera gel and apply a good thick layer on your face.

You can use any aloe vera gel, market-based, plant-based, or home-made. This step is very effective for you if you have any product buildup, whiteheads or any kind of deposition.

Step 3: Steaming

Next, you’ve to take steam. It will help in opening up pores and the aloe vera gel we just applied will nourish them.

All the dirt, all the buildup, all the pollutants will come out.

This step will not only remove all the dirt and pollutants but will also nourish the pores with aloe vera gel and provide hydration to every pore.

Step 4: Exfoliation


  • Potato

  • Egg/Banana


Step 1: Take a medium-sized potato. Peel it and cut it into small pieces. Now grind it and extract its juice. We need 2 tablespoons of it.

Step 2: Add egg white or banana to it.

(Egg white removes blackheads better and makes your skin soft and supple).

Step 3: Mix both the ingredients well.


Apply a thin layer on your entire face and neck.

We’re doing this remedy for fine lines and fine lines come first on the neck. So, apply it properly on your neck as well.

What It Do To Your Skin?

All the blackheads in the pores that haven't been removed in the previous steps, it will stick to them and pull them out like a peel-off mask. You can even try this step individually.

Pore Cleansing:

Pore cleaning is very important for skin health. If you're not routinely cleaning them you're compromising with your skin health.

You can do it easily with gentle ways like salicylic acid.

The blackheads and whitheads will gently melt and you don't need to pull them out.

How Can You Do It?

With tissue paper application. Take some tissue paper and put it on your face on the top of exfoliating cream we just applied.

Avoid the eye area and put another coat of exfoliating cream on tissue paper. In just 5 to 10 minutes, it will completely dry.

When your skin feels tight, remove it. It will also remove unwanted facial hair and any kind of deposition.

Now, your skin might feel dry, so let's prepare a face mask.

Step 5: Face Mask

We are going to prepare a face mask for you. Which will make your skin so tight, bright and radiant. You're going to love it.



Step 1: Take a pan, add about one glass of water to it and put it on flame.

Step 2: Add one big spoon of fenugreek seeds.

It will take 5 to 10 minutes to get cooked. It will start cracking when it's cooked.

Step 3: In a separate bowl, take a big spoonful of orange peel powder.

If you have fresh oranges available, take its peel and soak it in water for some time and use it in remedy. You can use market-based orange peel powder.

Step 4: Add some water to the bowl containing orange peel powder.

Step 5: Keep it aside so all the nutrients can be released into the water.

If you're using homemade orange peel powder, it's really easy to make it coarse. It releases all the nutrients in the water. If you strain it, only water will come out.

Step 6: By now your fenugreek seeds are done, turn off the heat and let them cool down.

Step 7: Now, once it has cooled down and is easy to handle, take one spoonful of fenugreek seeds in a grinder. You must have taken only 1 spoon.

Take 1 spoonful of fenugreek seeds that have been boiled. In this step, use the orange peel powder that you soaked earlier. You have to take the water of it.

Step 8: Take half a banana and grind it well.

Your amazing anti-ageing face mask is ready to go.


Take this mask and gently massage it onto your skin. Apply a thin coat and massage your face.

After massaging it well, just leave it on your skin until it completely hardens. Once it's completely stiff, your skin will feel super tight.

It will feel tight after washing. So when your skin becomes stiff, just wipe off your face. When your face is clean, just splash some water on it and you're good to go.

Use a microfiber towel only, otherwise, there can be rashes. You have to wash your face so many times.

Step 6: Moisturization

Finally, make sure to moisturize your skin well, like, really really well.

You have exercised your entire face well. You have given good ingredients. You moisturize well and lock all those things.

Use the DIY moisturizer that you are comfortable with.

The thing for which you are comfortable, you can use that. And you can make the most out of it.


If you like to watch the video version of this article, you can watch this: (And don't forget to check the comment section 😊 )

Final Words On Skin Tightening:

If you find the right balance between DIY remedies and store-bought products, trust me, your skin will thank you for getting the best of both worlds. That includes both Ayurveda and scientific advancements.

If you're doing this at night, you don't need to apply sunscreen. But if you're doing this routine in the morning, make sure to apply sunscreen. And after that, you have to win the world.

You should try this natural home remedy for skin-tightening.

Please feel free to leave any feedback in the comment section below. I would love to read all of them.

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