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"Positivity And Self-Love Is My Core-Mantra."

I'm Preity Prerna, Your Go-To Expert for Skin-Care & Hair-Care Tips.

I'm a teacher by profession and health and beauty enthusiast by passion. I find immense joy in exploring and practicing self-care routines that are personally curated, simple, and effective. And above all sharing them with my beautiful family.

For me, skincare is an integral part of self-love. Basic day-to-day skincare rituals bring me immense joy. When I started my skincare journey, I encountered two problems: Too many chemicals in products and their high prices. Everything seems so expensive these days, and they don't always deliver the desired results. That's when I turned to the age-old practices of our mothers and grandmothers, using simple kitchen ingredients like curd, turmeric, and more. Over the years, I've experimented with various remedies, and they have worked wonders for me. When I shared these with my YouTube family, they, too, benefited from them.

In late 2019, I began my content creation journey with the aim of sharing my experiences and knowledge with the world. In just four years, I've built a family of over 5 million subscribers on YouTube. This supportive community loves and supports each other in their skincare journey.

Beyond skincare, I love to sing, read, and travel, sharing my experiences on my vlogging channel Preity Prerna Vlogs.

Through this blog, I invite you to be part of my ordinary yet extraordinary journeys. It is my hope that my work and experiences contribute to adding vibrancy and depth to your own life.



Curious about natural ingredients or need encouragement on your skincare journey? Tap into my expertise and connect with our supportive community. Me and my beautiful family is here to uplift and guide you.

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