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🌻  1:1 Coaching

 ₹ 999 /  Session

Personalised Skincare Plan:
Develop a customized skincare regimen based on the individual's skin type, concerns and goals.

Direct Access: One-to-one session with Preity Prerna for 15 minutes.

Progress Tracking and Adjustments: Regular follow-up sessions to track progress and make necessary adjustments to the skincare plan.

Exclusive Content and Resources: Access to exclusive tutorials, product recommendations, and DIY recipes not available on the blog or YouTube channel.

Flexible Scheduling: Personalized sessions are scheduled at convenient times for the client, ensuring maximum flexibility and convenience.

🍀  Group Coaching

 ₹ 299 /  Session

Interactive Group Sessions: Participate in live, interactive group coaching sessions where members can ask questions and share experiences.

Community Support: Join a supportive community of skincare enthusiasts to share tips, progress, and encouragement.

Thematic Workshops: Attend specialized workshops on various skincare and haircare topics.

Group Challenges and Activities: Engage in group challenges and activities to motivate and inspire collective progress.

Q&A Sessions: Regular group Q&A sessions where you address common skincare concerns and provide expert advice.

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