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Vitamin E for hair | Preity Prerna

Updated: May 20

Vitamin E for hair | Preity Prerna

If your hair is extremely damaged, if they are out of control this article is for you. We will use a 3 rupee capsule and fix all these problems along with hair breakage.

If your hair has become frizzy, dull and damaged, then vitamin E deficiency could be a possible reason. Its deficiency troubles your hair a lot. And when your body has enough of it, your hair becomes very shiny. You do not even need a conditioner.

In this article, I’ll share with you 4 remedies using Vitamin E capsules which will make sure your hair stays healthy and free from problems. You don’t have to do all four remedies. Pick one and do it for a long period.

Table of Contents:

What Vitamin E Does To Your Hair?

  • Vitamin E oil is an amazing antioxidant. It protects your skin and hair cells from oxidative stress.

  • It suppresses the ageing process of these cells due to oxidation.

  • If your body is deficient of Vitamin E then it is very common for your hair to look frizzy, dry and damaged. No need to get surprised by that, so you need to take care of Vitamin E in your diet.

  • If you are taking Vitamin E enough in your diet then there are very less chances that you will have hair loss.

  • Or your hair feels damaged but if you are taking proper diet and supplements as well. If the damage is still there then along with the consumption of Vitamin E, start one more practice for yourself.

  • That would be, applying Vitamin E oil 15 minutes before you take a bath and wash your head.

  • You can have one tablet of 400 mg after the breakfast. This has no side effects as such but do not keep eating it daily.

  • Twice or thrice a week is absolutely fine. Otherwise, you can consult your doctor also, and he will give you the exact prescription of Vitamin E tablets.

When the hair gets old it is important for them to fall. But only when they get older. The age of your one single hair strand is 8 years. A hair follicle keeps growing till 8 years if taken care properly. In case of Vitamin E deficiency, it can fall even in 2 years.

Have you ever noticed that all the oils are packed in a bottle but this one comes in a tablet?

It is because Vitamin E oil gets oxidized on contact with the oxygen. Now you will say, how will it protect us then?

Vitamin E is an amazing anti-oxidant. But because it gets oxidized, it is packed in small quantities and given to you only when you want to apply it.

It does not mean that it will get oxidized within 15 minutes. It is not so but yes it gets oxidized and that is why we are using it in concentrated form.

And after its application on the scalp, you will wash your head after 15 minutes with normal shampoo.

Remedy 1:

If your hair is extremely damaged, do this remedy 15 minutes before the hair wash.



Step 1:

  • Detangle and part your hair. If you are doing this only for hair loss and want to work only on roots, then you can detangle just the upper hair. Which I would say is not a good practice.

You should detangle your complete hair, but we have to wash our hair and we are not very comfortable.

Step 2:

  • Slightly prick the capsule and apply it to the entire partition.

  • After that do the second partition and repeat the same procedure, repeat this for the entire scalp.

  • Do this properly on the back side of your scalp also. You can do random partitions but do it more closer.

  • After that with very soft hands, massage properly. So that loose hair will fall off and new ones will grow up in that place.

We just have to give the entire oil content to our hair and scalp with the help of gentle hands.

Step 3:

  • Tie your hair, do not comb your hair at this point in time. Because your weak hair will fall off due to friction and you will be scared to see those hair.

  • Don’t get scared if you see some hair fall. It is a thick oil, your hair can fall off due to light friction. You will need 5 minutes for the application and you will keep your hair tied for 10 minutes.

  • This exercise needs just 15 minutes. After that, you will wash your hair.

I understand this process is time-consuming. But, you want to stop the hair fall, right? Then you will have to follow this.

It is very thick just like castor oil. So just go on applying dot dot on the parted area. When you will just touch it with your hands, it will spread automatically.

Remedy 2:

This second remedy is to treat the damage, dullness, and frizziness of your hair. The reason for frizziness in your hair is either split ends or the opening of your hair cuticles.

In this case, use Vitamin E oil with some other carrier oil. Carrier oil will reduce the thickness of the oil and carry it easily to your roots so that its potency is maintained.

Which oils can be used as carrier oil?

You can use coconut oil, you can use olive oil, you can use almond oil, or you can use castor oil.

Castor oil is already thick and you will again add another thick oil to it. When you heat it a bit, then it becomes workable. But you will again face a problem while washing your hair, so avoid castor oil initially.

Use other three fruit-based lighter oils.



Step 1: Take the required amount of carrier oil in a bowl.

Step 2: Add a capsule of Vitamin E (every time you apply the oil).

Step 3: Mix both the oils very well.

Step 4: If possible heat up the oil with the help of the oven for 10 seconds or the double boiler method.


If you cannot do even that then mix the oil well with the help of your hand. So that it warms up a bit and fuses easily and then apply it all over the lengths of your hair.

Now when you apply it to your lengths, believe me, your hair gets to know how to behave. Sometimes they tend to forget because of pollution, dirt, and ruthless combing.

But it's okay, when you apply this oil your hair will feel so calm and composed.

You can even comb your hair. But if you have doubt that it can break their hair and all, don't do it please, not at all. Because whenever you do something with a doubt, that tends to worsen for sure. So do everything without a doubt.

Apply the oil properly on the lengths and ends also. When all of your hair is happily covered, keep them tied.

If your hairline is receding, which the first stage of getting bald. If this is the case then take Vitamin E oil in concentrated form and apply it all over your hairline. Just for the purpose of execution and to show you guys, I have done all the things in one day only. You do not have to do everything in one day.

Remedy 3:

If your hair is extremely dry means touching it feel like you have touched a broom. Or on touching anyone's face they scratch the face, such is the level of damage.

Take aloe vera gel, if you are using the plant-based one, then blend it with a mixer or hand blender. Otherwise, use the market-based aloe vera gel.



Step 1: Take 2 big spoons of aloe vera gel.

Step 2: Add one Vitamin E capsule of 400 mg.

Step 3: Blend them properly. It will turn white.

(If you are using the plant-based one, then blend it with a mixer or hand blender.)


Apply it properly on your scalp as well as length, tie your hair in a bun and keep it for 15 minutes. And then wash your hair.

You will keep this aloe vera + Vitamin E oil blend for half an hour in your hair.

And then you will wash your hair with normal shampoo and you are going to be really happy.

Remedy 4:

This remedy is for those whose hair is extremely damaged which is out of control. If you are tired of trying everything for your hair. Then you need to prepare flaxseed gel.

My entire family knows how to prepare that.



Step 1: Take flaxseed gel in a pan, add water to it, heat it up, strain it and it will be transformed into flaxseed gel. (Learn more → How To Prepare Flaxseed Gel & Flaxseed Cream At Home?)

Step 2: Add two Vitamin E oil capsules while it is lukewarm.

Step 3: Mix it well either with a mixer or hand blender.


Apply it onto your hair, keep it for half an hour and then wash your hair with shampoo.

After that follow this regime 3-4 times that is once a week for the entire month. And you would see the change.

If you want to follow it more frequently then apply it twice a week, absolutely no problem.

This is a very safe remedy, it has no side effects. Just make sure that you are not consuming Vitamin E in excess.


If you like to watch the video version of this article, you can watch this: (And don't forget to check the comment section 😊 )


These 4 Vitamin E capsule remedies will fix your hair loss, frizziness, damage and dullness and make it more manageable.

Just accept one way and follow it for a longer period. Understood?

  • If you have only hair fall then apply concentrated Vitamin E oil on the roots.

  • If you have frizz in your hair then apply Vitamin E like this with carrier oil.

Disclaimer: It smells very bad. I am telling you beforehand so that you do not blame me afterwards. Apply it on holidays, keep it applied on your hair and wash it off. Do not mistake going outside after applying Vitamin E oil in concentrated form in your hair.

If you’re not a part of our amazing family, you’re missing out. Join us today and start your natural skincare and haircare journey and get help from other community members. 😊

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Vit E is excellent for hair.

Remedy 3 and Remedy 4 are my all time favourite.

Makes my curly hair soft and manageable. 👍

All thanks to you Prerna Ma'am ♥️


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Jhuma Deb
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Vitamin e oil very good for hair care👍👍

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