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Root Touch-Up At Home: No Dye, No Chemicals

Updated: May 20

Root touch - up

In today's time, a large number of people are dealing with the challenge of grey hair. Whether it's due to premature greying the natural ageing process, or even certain health-related factors. This natural root touch-up can help you.

The presence of grey or white hair can be a common concern for many of you. In this blog post, we'll learn about root touch-ups. Well, it will not fix the problem permanently, but it will naturally colour the grey roots of your hair.

But before that, let me introduce myself to those who are new to this blog.

Hello, I'm Prerna, and here on the Preity Prerna blog and YouTube channel, I share tips on natural remedies for skincare & haircare. Preity Prerna is supported by a community of 5 million. You don't have to take my word for it—check out the comment section of this blog or YouTube and see yourself (after reading this article, of course 😊).

Are you concerned about the appearance of grey or white hair? If so, have you found a solution that works for you?

  • A. I go to the parlour and get my hair coloured.

  • B. I apply Henna.

  • C. I use Indigo powder.

  • D. I apply the local dye.

Table Of Contents:

Freshly coloured hair has a nice feel to it. Your hair looks uniformly and neatly coloured after the colouring process. This sensation, however, only persists for a few weeks.

Your hair grows out eventually, and the roots start to become visible. It is not possible to colour your hair length every few weeks. It is the reason why we resort to root touch-ups.

Some people turn to hair salons for this menial task. But it is not cost-efficient. You can colour your roots at home without any chemicals!

Before guiding you toward the ingredients and the procedure, there is something that everyone should keep in mind.

Grey roots or white hair DO NOT define who you are. Love yourself and be confident the way you are.

After that, if you wish to make some changes FOR YOURSELF (not under the pressure of societal beauty standards), MAKE IT HAPPEN!

If you want to watch the video version of this article, you can watch this.

What Is Root Touch-Up?

Root touch-up is the process of applying hair colour mainly to the roots of the hair to cover up new growth or regrowth of natural hair colour (like grey or white hair).

This is typically done to hide the appearance of roots that have grown out between full hair colouring sessions.

Root touch-ups are commonly used to maintain the overall colour consistency and appearance of dyed hair.

People who want to extend the time between full colouring treatments or to address visible roots in between salon visits usually do root touch-ups.

How Can I Do Root Touch-Up At Home Naturally?

If you want to do natural root touch-ups at home, there are several methods that you can try, and that too with natural ingredients. Here's a simple process for it.


For this remedy, you need only three ingredients: Henna powder, Amla powder and Bhrigjraj Powder. But before we get into the preparation and application of this concoction, let's take a moment to explore the incredible benefits of each of these ingredients.

Henna Powder:

  • Natural and Chemical-Free: Henna is a natural alternative to chemical hair dyes, containing harsh chemicals like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Using henna avoids the potential damage and allergic reactions associated with these chemicals.

  • Safe for Most Hair Types: Henna is generally safe for most hair types and colours. It works particularly well for those darker hair, providing rich red to reddish-brown shades. However, on lighter hair, it can yield a reddish tint.

  • Conditioning: Henna not only adds colour but also acts as a deep conditioner for your hair. It helps improve hair texture, making it smoother, shinier, and less prone to frizz. The natural oils in henna also help in moisturizing the hair.

  • Strengthens Hair: Henna can strengthen the hair shaft, reducing breakage and promoting healthier, more resilient hair.

  • Natural Highlights: Henna can add natural-looking highlights and dimension to your hair, creating a multidimensional effect as it doesn't dye all the hair strands uniformly.

  • Covers Gray Hair: Henna is an excellent natural option for covering grey hair. It provides a reddish hue that blends well with grey, giving a more natural appearance compared to some chemical dyes.

  • Scalp Health: Henna has antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties that can promote a healthier scalp by reducing dandruff and other conditions.

Amla Powder:

Amla powder will provide potency to Heena powder. Here are some magical moves amla powder can do for your hair.

  • Natural Hair Darkener: While Amla won't drastically change the colour of your hair, it can enhance and darken your existing hair colour when used over time.

  • Prevents Premature Graying: Regular use of amla powder is believed to help delay premature greying of hair by stimulating the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for hair colour.

  • Prevents Hair Loss: Amla is known to strengthen hair follicles, reduce hair thinning, and minimize hair breakage, which can help prevent hair loss.

  • Adds Shine and Luster: Amla powder can add natural shine and lustre to the hair, making it appear healthier and more vibrant.

  • Natural Hair Cleanser: Amla can be used as a natural hair cleanser. It removes excess oil, dirt, and product buildup from the scalp and hair.

  • Balances Oil Production: Amla can help balance the production of sebum (natural scalp oil), which can be especially beneficial for those with oily scalps.

  • Conditions and Softens Hair: Amla is an excellent natural conditioner. It can soften the hair, making it more manageable and reducing frizz.

Bhringraj Powder:

Bhringraj is a mighty remedy! It has been used for centuries in various forms to promote strong, healthy hair. Here are some of the benefits of using Bhringraj powder for hair:

  • Prevents Premature Graying: Bhringraj is believed to slow down the premature greying of hair by maintaining the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for hair colour.

  • Balances Scalp Oil: Bhringraj can help the production of sebum (scalp oil), making it suitable for various hair types, including oily scalps.

  • Natural Hair Conditioner: Bhringraj powder acts as a natural hair conditioner, making hair soft, smooth, and manageable. It can help reduce frizz and improve hair texture.

  • Enhances Hair Color: Bhringraj is believed to enhance and maintain the natural colour of your hair. While it won't drastically change the colour, it can make it look more vibrant.

  • Strengthens Hair: Regular use of Bhringraj powder can strengthen the hair shaft, reducing breakage and making the hair more resilient.

  • Reduces Scalp Irritation: Bhringraj is known to soothe and calm the scalp, reducing redness and irritation. It can be particularly beneficial for those with sensitive or inflamed scalps.

  • Dandruff Control: Bhringraj powder has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can help alleviate scalp conditions like dandruff and itchiness.


Follow these steps to make the best root touch-up pigment!


Add half a tablespoon of Henna powder, half a tablespoon of amla powder, and half a tablespoon of Bhringraj powder to a bowl.


There are two ways of preparing the pigment.

A: Boil some tea leaves (chai patti) in water. Strain it and use it to prepare the mix. Leave it for three hours before application.

B: Add water/ tea leaves water to the powders to prepare the pigment. Mix and leave it overnight. Apply it in the morning.


There are two procedures you can follow:

A: Apply the root touch-up mix on your roots and only in the front if required. After two hours, wash your hair using plain water. Next day, oil your hair and then wash your hair using a shampoo.

B: The second way is to wash your hair using shampoo after two hours of application. However, the frequency of root touch-ups increases in this case.

The salt and pepper appearance will disappear, and you will get uniformly coloured hair. This way of root touch-up does not have any side effects. Your scalp might feel dry because all the ingredients in this remedy are powders. So make sure to oil your hair periodically.


I've made multiple videos of Henna and natural air colouring, which you can watch on my YouTube Channel - Preity Prerna.

Questions & Answers

Preity Prerna

What does a root touch-up include?

A root touch-up typically involves applying hair colour specifically to the roots of the hair to cover up new growth or regrowth of natural hair colour. This process helps maintain the overall colour consistency and appearance of dyed hair.

How long does a root touch-up last?

Is root touch-up expensive?

Is root-touch up safe?

Is root touch-up permanent?

How can I cover grey hair without dying it?

What is the difference between root touch-up and hair colour?

How many times can you use root touch-up?


In this blog post, we learnt about root touch-ups. Remember, any remedy will not work if you’re not healthy and happy.

Any external tropical applications can do wonders for you only and only if you’re internally healthy. In this blog post, Why Investing in Health is Important I discussed all you need to do to stay healthy.

P.S.: Did you get great results by trying this DIY Root Touch-Up technique? Don’t forget to come back and write a review based on your experience, and inspire others to try it too.

Also, if you’re not a part of our amazing family, you’re missing out. Join us today and start your natural skincare and haircare journey and get help from other community members. 😊


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