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Reasons Why Hair Remedies Are Not Working For You?

Updated: May 20

Reasons Why Hair Remedies Are Not Working For You?

So many people say that DIY remedies for hair do not work for them the way they work for other people. Questions that often come up are,

  • Am I doing something wrong?

  • Did I skip a step?

  • Is it possible that the ingredients I am getting are not of good quality?

I will help you to understand the places where you might go wrong while doing a DIY remedy. You will be surprised to see how minute these mistakes are.

Well, not all are mistakes; some are just misses. So here are some tips to make your hair remedies

Well, this might not always be the case.

While doing a DIY remedy, keep some simple yet crucial things in mind. We tend to neglect these small things without realizing that these things are as important as following each step of a remedy.

1]. Switch to a hairbrush

We all have combs in our houses, right?

For a LONG time, we know that we use combs to detangle our hair. It is serving the purpose, after all. But, just once, try to use a hairbrush to detangle your hair.

You will find a hairbrush more effective compared to a comb. It will take half the time it takes to comb the hair.

Start brushing from the bottom of the lengths and work your way upwards. I always tell you to comb your scalp after oiling to initiate better blood circulation.

Try switching to a hairbrush for this purpose as well and see the difference! You can start with any brush (need not be fancy!).

Eventually, you will know what kind of hairbrush suits you the best.

2]. Change pillow covers more often

It is such a simple thing, but you might wonder why it is necessary. Your scalp is not always clean. It is only on the days you wash your hair and two days after the hair wash day at best.

You sleep on the same pillow on the following days. So, all the dirt, dandruff, or oil keeps getting back on your scalp.

By changing your pillowcases more often, you are not allowing the impurities to accumulate.

You can also switch the sides of the pillow (three days on one side and three days on the other) to make the pillowcase last longer. After that, change it!

3]. Oiling before washing

Washing hair without oiling seems so easy and convenient. Ok, so try washing your hair without oiling for two months.

You will understand what I am trying to convey. Your hair might seem fresh and all nice for some time, but then you will start witnessing repercussions. Hair will get dull and damaged.

Oiling before washing keeps the hair fresh, bouncy, and shiny for a longer period. It also keeps the hair healthy!

4]. Say NO to plastic hair ties

I am sure many of us have been victims of plastic hair ties (guilty!). They might seem convenient, but they are not. Plastic hair ties lead to hair fall.

Untie your hair and see the strands you lost. Instead of using plastic hair ties, use velvet or cloth ones.

You will automatically see the difference in the number of strands you lose in a day.

5]. Do not make extremely tight ponytails

Sleek-back hairstyles are trending these days. Sleek-back does not mean you have to pull your hair tightly to make a trendy ponytail.

An extremely tight ponytail will lead to the receding of the hairline! All the hair growth or thickening will not work if you tie your ponytails this tightly.

Tie your hair firmly, not so tightly, that your head starts hurting. Yes, you should braid your hair tight because there you are dealing with the lengths of your hair.

6]. Get hot oil massages

If given an option between a body massage and a hot oil massage, I will choose the hot oil massage.

Hot massages are just as calming as body massages. And if you have extreme hair fall (even pregnancy-related hair fall), go for a hot oil massage.

Even if you do not have any hair-related issues, go for hot oil massages because these massages provide great nourishment to the hair and scalp.

7]. Increase the consumption of gooseberry (amla) and pomegranate (anaar)

The combination of gooseberry and pomegranate is a blessing for your hair. If you are doing a remedy for your hair, include gooseberry and pomegranate in your diet.

This combination will provide external nourishment and make the topical application more effective.

Even when you are not doing any specific remedy, including gooseberry and pomegranate in your diet will ensure healthy hair!


Keeping these tips in mind will give you better results whether doing a remedy or not. These tiny things might not seem relevant, but once you start doing them, you will see a positive difference.

Your hair care or remedies will respond better. So start taking these tiny little steps towards bettering your hair care experience.

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Saudaa Tanzim
Saudaa Tanzim
03 jul 2023
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Thanks for sharing such content with us

Me gusta

Obtuvo 5 de 5 estrellas.

informative, I have 1 question, we should use conditioners in our hair or not?

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Contestando a

No. I think conditioners are just temporary chemical solution for frizzy hair. In short run the hair may look soft but in long run conditioners can worsen your hair quality. Instead try prerna ma'am's diy pre-wash+post-wash masks, diy serums, diy hair sprays.. they will do wonders on your hair without damaging them as they all are natural. Hope this will help you.👍

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09 may 2023

Very informative tips❤️thank you so muchhh 🥰

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Samita Sharma
Samita Sharma
08 may 2023
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Ma'am jitni bhi remedies maine use ki h abhi tak.. Sabhi remedies kamaal ki h.. Thanku so much itne hard work ke liye💕💕💕💕💕

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Deeksha Bisht
Deeksha Bisht
07 may 2023
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Invested in wooden comb, hair brush and scrunchies. Consuming aanvla + beetroot+Carrot+ pomegranate juice 💕❤️

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Somya Sharma
Somya Sharma
07 may 2023
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Wow...great deeksha❤️

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