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Home Remedy For Open Pores

Updated: Apr 9

Home remedy for open pores

Do you have visible pores on your face? Don't worry, as it is not any defect or disease. But, if you leave the pores unattended and let the blackheads grow in the pores, it can be extremely unhealthy for your skin in the long run.

It is necessary to make sure that you keep your pores clean and take special care as the years pass by. Let me start by enlightening you on the reasons behind open/broad pores.

Table Of Contents:

What Causes Open Pores?

One of the main reasons is excessive sebum production in your skin. Sebum is an oily substance that is secreted by the sebaceous glands. It combines with fat molecules known as lipids to form a protective layer on the skin's surface.

These lipids keep the skin hydrated and protect it from potentially hazardous infections like bacteria and fungi. Overproduction of sebum can make your skin oily which can result in enlarging of pores.

Can Open Pores Be Genetic?

Open or large pores can also be genetic. So if your parents have open or large pores, you are most likely to have them too. You can get open pores on your cheeks, forehead, or around your nose.

Can Open Pores Be Due To Ageing?

It is important to remember that enlarged pores also come with the ageing process. So as you grow older, your pores are going to get bigger.

The other reasons are sun damage due to humid climate or sun exposure and large hair follicles (if hair follicles are large then pores will also be large).

Is there a way to cure or, even better, prevent open, large, or clogged pores?

Yes, there is! The remedy I am going to share is a simple natural remedy. Before beginning, you must have faith in natural remedies.

Believe me, if you do not put your trust in natural remedies, they will hesitate to show their magic. So please have faith in the ingredients and in the process.

Nothing and no one can stop you from getting softer, suppler, and healthier skin!

Natural Remedy To Cure Open Pores

If you follow this 4-step process for 5 days, I guarantee you, you'll see some improvement. But you've to follow it as it and most importantly you'll have to have faith in it. With this, let's see all the ingredients we need.


  • Banana

  • Sandalwood Powder



The first step is to clean your face. If you use makeup, I insist you use face wash and micellar water. Micellar water is charged particles that will dissolve your makeup and remove it.

The other way is by first oiling your face and then washing it with a face wash. You can use whichever method suits you.

After nicely cleaning your face, time to jump into step number two.


In this step, you have to prepare a face mask. Ingredients needed are egg white or banana (whichever you are comfortable with) and sandalwood powder.

Egg white will make your skin firm and shrink your pores. It also removes excess dirt, oil, and dead cells from the face. In addition, egg white also shields the skin from UV rays. Banana also works in the same way.

Bananas are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Banana improves skin suppleness and decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also lightens dark spots and makes the skin look more even and healthy.

Both of these ingredients are equally magical. To prepare the mask, take a small bowl and add one egg white/banana to it.

Remember, if you are using a banana, it should neither be raw nor too ripped. Next, add half a tablespoon of sandalwood powder.

Sandalwood has two benefits - first, it will minimize the smell of egg and make it easier for you to apply; secondly, sandalwood gives a cooling sensation making your skin feel healthier and fresher.

Your face mask is ready using just two simple ingredients!


Step three is the application of the face mask. Application of this face mask will take place in 3-4 coats. Both egg and banana dry up quickly. So, apply the first coat of the face mask and let it dry three-fourths (do not let it dry completely).

Similarly, apply the subsequent coats. You will start to feel tightness and stiffness on your face but do not worry. The tightness and stiffness are due to the ingredients. Let the mask stay on for 10-15 minutes.

On drying, your face will start itching because of the stiffness. This is your cue to wash the mask off. Make sure that you massage the mask while washing it off. Your skin will feel dry after washing your face. So our next step is toning. If you have oily skin, then go for rose water only.

Those who have combination skin types can use their preferred toner. If you have dry skin, I suggest using rose water and toner. Applying the toner will lock the minimized pores, and won't open up easily.


Step 4 is optional for people with oily skin (you can skip it). If you have a combination of dry skin, then it is a must for you to moisturize your skin properly.

What Can You Expect?

You will visibly see the minimized pored after just one application for the entire day, but this is no sorcery that you will get permanent visible results after just one use.

No no! Your pores can open again if you stop after just one use. The application of this face mask should be 5 days in a row. You will surely get the results in one day, but that is not enough. It is crucial to sustain those results.

Natural remedies are very potent. They are food for your skin, just like the food for your body. So think of this entire process of making the face mask and applying it as food preparation.

You are providing food for your skin externally and giving it nourishment. In return, your skin will be happy and show you visible improvements. So just try to get rid of the confusion created by the chemical-based products and give your skin something special.

Curing open pores naturally is not difficult if you follow this 4-step process for 5 days. Good things take time to happen. You just need to take a step forward.

If you want to watch the video version of this article, you can watch this video (and don't forget to check the comment section.)

If you’re not a part of our amazing family, you’re missing out. Join us today and start your natural skincare and haircare journey and get help from other community members. 😊

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shefali Pareek
shefali Pareek
02 de mai. de 2023
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girls's biggest problem just got sorted here! wow.. I enjoyed reading this, more than that I feel educated about the problem that I am going through thanks dear .. ❣️


Deepshikha Bisht
Deepshikha Bisht
01 de mai. de 2023
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So fabulously explained each and every step for open pores 👌

Surely gonna follow each and every point mentioned


Somya Sharma
Somya Sharma
30 de abr. de 2023

I dont have open pores but I will definitely take care all the points you mentioned:)


Deeksha Bisht
Deeksha Bisht
25 de abr. de 2023
Avaliado com 5 de 5 estrelas.

I have open pores on my cheeks..though I am pretty okay with it (I have accepted them and don't consider them a flaw anymore)after meeting you. But since, open pores can cause blackheads and ageing in the longer run. I will surely try this remedy for myself :)

Somya Sharma
Somya Sharma
30 de abr. de 2023
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Definitely go for it🤗

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