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10 Must-Have Hair Products For Healthy Hair

Updated: May 9

10 Must-Have Hair Products For Healthy Hair

I always get asked what products I use for my hair. In this detailed guide on 10 must-have hair products for healthy hair, I'll explain everything I personally use.

You can add them to your daily life. I hope I answered your every query, but if you've more questions, you can ask me in the comment section.

Table Of Contents:

1]. Shampoo

One question that I always get is - which shampoo do I use?

I always try to make a blend between chemical and herbal. If I feel that I have used one bottle of chemical shampoo, then I switch to the next herbal shampoo.

If we talk about chemical shampoos, I find Dove and Pantene suitable. It's not that I haven't used other brands. I have used many of them. But sooner or later, I will come back to these two shampoos.

I don't fear trying new shampoos. If I get a new product and I feel it is worth trying. I do give it a try.

But when it comes to herbal shampoos, I am very choosy. Because they can be very dehydrating.

That's why I use Khaadi, Kama Ayurveda, and Multani Mitti. This is something that I am using these days.

Multani Mitti is amazing for your hair. So you won't need any herbal shampoo if you use only Multani Mitti. (Try this Multani mitti hair pack →

So in chemical, I use Pantene and Dove. And in herbal, I use Khaadi, Kama Ayurveda, and Multani Mitti.

2]. Conditioner

As I have told you I use conditioners only for party functions, you know, weddings. I haven't used conditioners for three years. That's why, you never see me using conditioners.

But if at all I have to use the conditioner, then I prefer Tony and Guy for damaged hair is my first preference. It is very expensive and isn't easily available in India.

Please make sure that you use conditioners occasionally. If you have to go somewhere on a special occasion, then only you are using it.

Don't use conditioners regularly and protect your hair from it as much as you can.

What you can do is apply pre-conditioners. Homemade natural conditioners give you the best results without causing any damage.

3]. Hairbrushes

For hairbrushes, I trust the well-known brand VEGA. It has a lot of variants. I have already told you many times that there should be breathing space in the hairbrush.

You can use whichever is comfortable for you. If you want to get a fancy but working brush, you can buy them from Miniso.

I don't shy away, I use that too. But please make sure that your hairbrush does not charge a lot of hair.

You should not pull the hair while brushing. It should be very smooth and detangled. Please take care of this. Use whichever brush you get. VEGA is known for its science.

So you can also try that.

4]. Comb

I have a lot of combs.

A. Broad-tooth comb:

I have one comb for many years which is also VEGA's. It gets clean after washing. That's why I didn't change it. A broad toothcomb is a must for everybody. You have curly hair, straight hair, whatever you want. You should have a broad toothcomb.

B. Tonian Cow Comb:

Another comb I have is my Tonian cow comb. You can keep one styling comb. You can make many hairstyles for yourself. It is very precise and works very well. That's up to you, which comb you want to use.

C. Normal Comb:

I have a normal comb. Like you have. One side has a narrow tooth and one side has a little broader tooth. So I keep this too. So either way I have these three.

I have so many doubts about the wooden comb. If you are getting a good brand of wooden comb, go for it. But I have yet to come across a brand that makes wooden comb and does not peel.

Most of the time it happens that I take a wooden comb, there is a slight peel or something gets cut somewhere and then it gets stuck in the hair. Which is absolutely not good. My experience of any wooden comb that I have used so far has been that it gets cut after a while and then the hair gets pulled. So it cannot be used for a long time.

But if you know, if you are very happy with any wooden comb, then tell us, so that we can also try.

5]. Hair Towel

I have told you all that if you have a microfiber towel, then it is very good for hair because hair dries quickly.

So I have a different towel for hair but to be very frank and honest, I go in to take a bath many times with a normal cotton comb. And I forgot that I have to wash my hair today. So I wash my hair and dry my hair with a cotton comb.

But I dry my hair very gently. And then I come out and use my microfiber towel. If you are using a normal cotton towel, then if you are gentle, then the work will be done.

6]. Hair Serum

I have shared many DIY leave-in hair serums with you. After taking a bath, I apply serum to my damp hair. And I am always very happy.

I let my hair dry normally and sometimes I apply some argan oil or the serums I prepared. Otherwise, I don't do anything and I tie my hair just like that.

But if you want to use a market-based serum then I would suggest Tonian Gai.

It is expensive. But believe me, it troubles the hair least in the long run.

So if at all you can give it a try, otherwise don't use it. Either make a DIY or you can buy Tonian Gai. This is not a sponsored post. But still it is very very good so you can try for sure.

You can try this one → How To Prepare Hair Serum At Home?

7]. Hair Accessories

If I go shopping and see hair accessories, I will definitely buy them. Even though I don't have space in my house for hair accessories.

I am so fond of hair accessories that I want something in my hair all the time. A nice clip, a diamond-studded clip, anything.

I have many hair bands. You have seen all, I have made videos wearing all the hair bands. I love hairbands. Because I have worn hair bands since school time.

So, I feel some comfort from hair bands. I love my hair accessories and I buy from everywhere. If I get online then I buy online. If I get offline then I buy offline. I am very fond of hair accessories. I purchase them from everywhere and anywhere.

But yes you should consider that you are not pulling your hair. The quality of the hair accessory is very important. Make sure they are not causing any harm to your hair.

8]. Tools

What tools do I use in my hair?

First of all, a hairdryer which is brown and I have told you all about it. It is 15-20 years old. It was my mom's and now it is mine. I only use it in the winter season because I don't go out with wet hair.

So it is only used in the winter season. Rest I don't use a dryer at all.

Second, I have an ironing machine which one. But I have never used it. I have never straightened my hair at home. I am not very confident and I feel my hair will get burnt so I don't use it at all.

I have a brush that has an in-built dryer that you can use to straighten your hair but that too is gifted. I have never used it I have it lying around. If I have to go to a party I go to a parlour and they do all the stuff that I want to do for my hair but very occasionally.

I don't go to parties very frequently. I don't have many tools apart from a dryer.

9]. DIY Products

Many people have asked me to show how I keep my DIY products. I don't want to do any kind of promotion.

But yes, I have 5 complete shelves that are filled with DIY products.

All the ingredients I use in my remedies are in one place and keep on mixing and matching and doing things for myself and when I get results I share them with you.

10]. Pillow

I use silk pillow covers when I do head wash because after head wash if you lie on cotton pillow covers then oil comes in your hair.

On the first day of head wash, I use a fresh cover, on the second day I turn the pillow upside down and on the third day I use a cotton pillow cover. I am very particular about how I am keeping my hair.

Additional Tip:

I am going to tell you one more thing that is necessary if you have long hair. So if you have long hair, then how do you sleep?

I have told you about pillow covers but the second thing is a scarf.

1]. Tip 1

Whenever you are sleeping, and you don't tie your hair. You just tie your hair with a scarf and put it on the side.

And you don't need to cover it. But yes, whenever you are lying down, there are many things in your room, small things. So your hair keeps touching it and it falls off.

So make sure you put it on the side. If you are not comfortable, you can put a hair clip on the top and sleep. This is one thing.

2]. Tip 2

If you are travelling, then how do you protect your hair?

You should take a hair cover. If you are on a flight, then you should also put a hair clip. And make sure you are not keeping your hair open.

Because if you keep your hair open, it will keep falling down. So you are supposed to take care of all these things.

3]. Tip 3

If you are taking a bath, how do you keep your hair?

If you are having a problem with your hair, you should use a cap while taking a bath. You can use a shower cap.

If you are washing your hair in the basin, then you can use a cap and tie it. If you don't want to tie it, then you can use a scarf. It is very comfortable.

These were little habits that you can incorporate into your daily routine and take the utmost care of your hair.

Many people have also asked me to show you my hair routine. I have shared everything with you in this article → You need hair regime - Here's Why.


If you like to watch the video version of this article, you can watch this: (And don't forget to check the comment section 😊 )

Final Words On 10-Must Have Hair Products:

These are the things that I want to tell you. If you have any questions or suggestions, then please comment below. And let me know how you liked this article.

I hope that I have answered all your queries. If still any query is left, then you are most welcome to ask in the comment section below. I will be more than happy to help you.

If your remedies are not working, check this → Reasons Why Hair Remedies Are Not Working For You?

Also, if you’re not a part of our amazing family, you’re missing out. Join us today and start your natural skincare and haircare journey and get help from other community members. 😊

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