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Best Morning Routine | Preity Prerna

Updated: May 27

Positive Morning For A Positive Day | Preity Prerna

Does it ever happen to you that you wake up tired? And then the entire day seems frustrating.

Many of us skip breakfast because, well, who's got the time? Right?

One thing that we do not realize in our daily hustle is that we are losing our precious health. So what exactly is the solution?

To all my beautiful people, the first thing you can do to fix your day is to have a good morning routine.

The next question is, does an ideal morning routine exist?

Well, every person has a different way of living, different lifestyles, and different working hours. Whether or not you are a morning person, having a fixed morning routine will help you have a productive and efficient day.

The ideal morning routine will improve your health and prepare you to succeed throughout the day.

There are things you can do to establish a morning routine that is effective for you, from avoiding social media to drinking water and reading books or listening to a podcast.

I cannot set an ideal regime for everyone, but I can make a few suggestions to help you know what suits you the best.

1]. Good night's sleep

It's high time you realize the importance of a good night's sleep!

Do not expect to wake up one day after 5 hours of sleep and feel energized throughout the day.

Our body needs rest to function and prepare itself for the following day. I do not expect anyone to fall asleep immediately after hitting the bed.

But struggling to fall asleep within 10-15 minutes of lying on the bed is the story of many people's lives.

You can make some lifestyle changes to rectify this. The first thing I suggest NOT doing is being on the phone before sleeping.

It is the last thing you would want to do. Instead, try to relax, read a book or listen to a soothing podcast.

2]. Avoid the rush

You must have heard that early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Waking up in the morning, relaxed, and with enough time to leave for work or start the regular duties feels refreshing.

For this, you have to avoid using the snooze button. Wake up as soon as your alarm rings, and start the day.

It can be stressful to wake up and see the clock and panic when you realize you only have 30 minutes until you have to leave the house.

So make it a point to give your mind enough time to acknowledge the new day.

3]. Hydrate in the morning

Drinking a full glass of water helps refresh the body. Do this before your morning cup of tea or coffee.

Drinking a glass of morning before tea or coffee will help ensure that the caffeine does not dehydrate your body.

4]. Take some time for a quick workout

Exercising in the morning leads to an overall active day. Other than that, exercising every day in the morning can also promote better sleep.

You need not do a hardcore workout every day. Just take a short jog around the block or do easy exercises to warm your body.

You can do yoga or simple P.T. exercises we learned in school! Take out at least 15 minutes every morning to exercise.

5]. Eat a healthy breakfast

Starting your day with a healthy meal can make a difference in your overall energy.

You should avoid foods that make you lethargic. Instead, try having oatmeal, eggs, fruits, healthy vegetables, whole wheat toast, upma, poha, or anything that does not make you feel sleepy.

6]. Positive affirmations

Affirmations are those statements that bring you positivity. Saying these statements or writing these statements down helps in combating negative thoughts and helps you face the challenges that life throws at you.

Some examples of morning affirmations are -

  • I am confident

  • I am going to have a successful day.

  • I am thankful for my job.

  • I love myself

You can say any affirmation that motivates you!

As I mentioned earlier, the idea of an ideal morning routine varies from person to person.

The above-mentioned habits are just a few suggestions you can try introducing in your life. Believe me, starting your day on a positive note can set the rhythm of the entire day.

So plan out your morning in a way that suits you the best and see the positive shift in energy!

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