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Natural Homemade DIY Face Wash

Updated: May 8

Natural Homemade DIY Face Wash

If you're tired of the endless search and want to take matters into your own hands, why not make your own natural homemade face wash?

We spend so much money to find that perfect face wash which takes years of experimenting with different brands. Then there is a fear of side effects.

Cleansing is the most important step of skincare. If your skin is not clean no remedy no treatment will work.

This natural homemade DIY face wash is all you need.

It is alcohol-free and chemical-free, contains all-natural ingredients so there are no side effects, it's budget-friendly and can be prepared in minutes.

It acts as both a cleanser and an exfoliator. Application is easy too.

Table of Contents:

Clarifications About Face Washes:

Let me clear up a few things -

  • Not every face wash forms foam, and not every foaming face wash is good.

  • Not every facewash has a fragrance, and every fragrant face wash might not be good.

  • One facewash might or might not suit every skin type.

  • Not every facewash is chemical or alcohol-free.

  • Not every facewash is hypoallergenic.

Ingredients Required To Prepare Our Homemade Face Wash:

Let us start by discussing the ingredients and their roles in our DIY cleanser/exfoliator.

Gram flour or besan is a staple in every Indian household. It goes in many delicacies.

But did you know that nothing can beat gram flour's cleansing action?

Gram flour can against any skin problem (you can use just gram flour alone as a cleanser).

It balances the pH of the skin and tells the skin to BEHAVE!

Sandalwood is known for its cooling and calming properties and mesmerizing fragrance.

Sandalwood powder can repair the pre-existing damage on your skin. It reduces blemishes and promotes healthy and glowing skin.

It will also add a natural fragrance to your DIY face wash.

Read more about sandalwood powder → Sandalwood For Skin And Health: The Complete Guide

Coffee energizes the body, right? But did you know that coffee also energizes the skin?

It contains caffeic acid, which has anti-microbial properties.

Which means that coffee helps fight against germs. It also boosts collagen and reduces premature ageing.

The coffee granules will work as a scrub to deeply exfoliate the skin.

Wild turmeric, or Kasturi haldi, is fragrant turmeric. Turmeric spice is also a staple of Indian households but not wild turmeric.

Wild turmeric tastes bitter and is beneficial for topical application. It contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to revive the natural glow.

It helps reduce acne and acne scars! In addition, it is anti-fungal and antiseptic. It has healing properties, you can apply it on wounds.

Your grandmother and mother must have told you about the benefits of the multani mitti face pack.

It is a magical component capable of extracting excess oil from the skin. Now, I know some might question that multani mitti works well only for oily skin types.

It only dries the skin when used as a face mask. Here, we are mixing it with other magical ingredients, and you are not leaving it on the skin for too long.

So no need to worry about dryness!

These are the five ingredients that will make your lovely face wash. However, if you are uncomfortable with any of the five ingredients, you can skip them. The facewash will still be effective and potent.

Preparation Of Our Homemade Natural Face Wash:

The facewash that we are preparing will be in powder form.

Take a bowl and add:

  • Two tablespoons of gram flour (besan).

  • Two tablespoons of sandalwood powder (chandan powder).

  • One tablespoon of coffee.

  • One tablespoon of wild turmeric.

  • One tablespoon of multani mitti.

Stir all the ingredients well till they all turn into one colour. The aroma of all these ingredients will give an enchanting scent.

Gram flour does not have a distinct smell, but the other ingredients do. You will get a hint of coffee along with the alluringly natural scents of sandalwood and wild turmeric.

Store the facewash in an air-tight jar. Your magical DIY face wash is ready for application.

Application Of Homemade Face Wash:

The application of this face wash is very simple.

Firstly, splash some water on your face. Dampen your skin and make it ready for face wash.

Take some powder facewash on your palm (one-fourth of a tablespoon is enough!). I prefer starting the application from the nose and the area around it.

You must have seen that maximum deposition takes place in that area of the face. Many complain that they get darkening around their nose and mouth.

It happens because of hasty cleansing. Well, you cannot make haste with this face wash!

Apply the facewash thoughtfully and massage it well (especially those parts of the face that require special care). You can apply it to your eyebrows and under the eyes (we will not let it dry).

Role of each ingredient:

  • The coffee will act as a scrub and remove all sorts of dirt.

  • Gram flour will work its magic as a mighty cleanser,

  • Multani mitti will extract all the excess oil.

  • Wild turmeric will start its healing process.

All these ingredients will work together to give you the best results. After cleaning your skin nicely, splash water and tap-dry.


If you want to watch the video version of this article, you can watch this video (and don't forget to check the comment section.)

Final Words On Homemade Face Wash:

Using this facewash thoughtfully will give you visible results in a week.

Regular use of the DIY facewash will make you forget your regular salon clean-up appointments.

This facewash will give your skin a facial-like vibrance DAILY.

You can use your market-based cleanser or facewash while using DIY facewash.

If you are in a hurry and do not have the time to use this facewash, go for the market-based one.

But make sure to use the DIY facewash regularly otherwise. So it is time now to give your skin the best gift.

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13 juil.

Very nicely explained each n every point....jug jug jeeo dear ❤️


chaitali mankar
chaitali mankar
06 août 2023
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Nice diiii


Jhuma Deb
Jhuma Deb
08 juil. 2023
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Your DIYs best for me 👌👌👌


Noté 5 étoiles sur 5.

Just now prepared fresh batch, I am happy to make use of it. Thank you so much didu ❤️❤️


Varada K Kulkarni
Varada K Kulkarni
08 juil. 2023
Noté 5 étoiles sur 5.

Amazing mam I had prepared it the best facewash the result was superb prepared many batches of DIY facewash better than market ones and chemical free and the natural fragrance is wonderful ❤️you are the best mam ❤️❤️love you so much mam 😊❤️❤️

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