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How Do You Make Body Wash At Home For Glowing Skin?

Updated: May 20

How do you make body wash at home for glowing skin?

Bodywash advertisements showcasing your favourite actress lathered in soapy foam with a catchy tagline and single playing in the background convince you to buy that body wash.

Have you ever wondered if it is that good? Choosing the perfect body wash is as crucial as finding your ideal face wash. You look into all the ingredients, see what suits your skin type, and decide which body wash to buy.

This task is confusing and tedious. What if I say you can prepare a body wash AT HOME using 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS? Yes, this is possible!

This body wash will help your skin to lighten and brighten. It contains simple ingredients, and your skin will find it comfortable.

Table Of Contents:


Firstly, gather the ingredients and know how these ingredients will help your skin.

Neem Leaf Powder:

  • Renowned for its skin, hair, and overall health benefits, neem leaf powder boasts high concentrations of bioactive compounds that enhance blood flow and detoxify the body.

  • Amazing benefits for skin, hair, and overall health from neem plants. It is a potent herb with a high concentration of bioactive compounds that improve blood flow and help the body flush out impurities.

  • It is better to use neem leaves instead of the powder. If you have a neem tree near your house, use them. If you cannot find powder or leaves, use neem supplements in tablet form. Crush the tablets or use them.

Distilled Water

  • Essential for maintaining the integrity of the body wash, distilled water ensures purity and effectiveness.

  • Do not use hard or tap water for this DIY process. It can ruin the bodywash entirely.

  • Substitute: Use drinking water if distilled water is not available.

Rose Water

  • With its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to balance pH levels, rose water is a gentle yet potent toner suitable for all skin types.

  • It is best to use rose water for skin advantages. Its capacity to reduce skin inflammation and preserve the pH are two of its most crucial properties. Because rose water is light and soft on the skin, it is distinctly efficient as a toner. It is perfect for all skin types.

Castile Soap:

  • Castile soaps are kind yet powerful skin cleaners. Even though it can remove even the resilient filth, it is also incredibly moisturizing thanks to saponified oils, so your skin won't feel excessively stripped and squeaky. Castile soap is conveniently available in the market.

  • Substitute: Use a glycerine or water-based soap. Take half a soap bar and grate it. Now melt it using the double-boiler method.

  • A mild yet effective skin cleanser derived from saponified oils, castile soap efficiently removes dirt while moisturizing the skin.

Coconut Oil:

  • Rich in saturated fats, coconut oil strengthens the skin's protective barrier and promotes moisture retention.

  • Saturated fats, which are the main component of coconut oil and provide several advantages for the protective barrier function of our skin, are quite beneficial. Our skin's barrier functions better when it is robust, moisturized, and looks great, thanks to coconut oil's fats and necessary amino acids!

Multani Mitti (Bentonite Clay):

  • Ideal for oily or acne-prone skin, multani mitti mattifies the skin and provides natural detoxification.

  • All skin types can benefit from the natural Multani mitti. But it is especially beneficial for those with oily or acne-prone skin to get the most noticeable improvements, with their skin appearing mattified even after use.

Essential Oil:

  • Choose your favourite essential oil for added fragrance and skin-soothing benefits.

  • You can use any essential oil of your choice. If you want extra fragrance, use rose essential oil. Essential oils are for various skin care problems due to their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and calming characteristics.


Follow these simple steps to create your luxurious body wash:


First, add half a cup of water to a pan and let it reach the boiling point.


Then, add half a tablespoon (5 grams) of neem leaf powder to the water. If you are using neem leaves or crushed neem tablets, add them accordingly.


Boil the water at a simmer till it becomes half its original quantity. You will get a concentrated form of neem leaf decoction.


While the water simmers, take a separate bowl and add one big cup of distilled or normal drinking water.


Add half a cup of rose water to it. Rose water lies in the category of distilled water. So, if you want, you can take 1.5 cups of rose water instead of Adding half a cup of rose water to distilled water.


Next, add half a cup of castile soap or liquid soap you prepared at home using the double-boiler method.


Now, add half a cup of coconut oil.


Add one big tablespoon of multani mitti to the mix.


Stir and mix all the ingredients!

STEP 10:

Once the decoction boils into half the original quantity, strain with the help of a coffee filter. If you do not have a coffee filter, use a cloth to strain the decoction. The reason is to filter out the powder (we do not want powder in our body wash!).

STEP 11:

Add ten drops of essential oil. Your bodywash is ready!!

Once you mix it nicely, you will notice foam forming. It will give you the lather that you expect from a body wash. You will also see how beautiful the body wash feels to the touch!

Store the body wash in a pump bottle so that it is easily accessible. You will get approximately 400ml of body wash, which will last for one month.

This body wash does not leave any residue. Only two pumps of it is sufficient to clean the body. It will make your body soft and supple.

You will not find the use of any body lotion after washing up with this body wash. It does not have preservatives and chemicals; it is like a big hug for your skin.


If you like to watch the video version of this article, you can watch this: (And don't forget to check the comment section 😊 )

I've shared multiple videos on natural body wash, body polishing, tan removal and more. You can watch them on my YouTube Channel or from here.

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And we came to an end. If you liked this guide and want to learn more about natural body care, you can read these articles.

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