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How To Achieve Glass Skin Naturally At Home?

Updated: May 20

How To Achieve Glass Skin Naturally At Home?

The concept of glass skin originated in Japan and Korea. Since people don’t speak English and their skin looks like glass, people started calling it glass skin.

Interpretation of skin varies from person to person in different parts of the world.

If you don’t have pimples on your skin and your skin doesn’t break out, then you can call it glass skin.

Glass skin simply means whatever skin quality you have take it to its best. That’s it.

Topical application is not sufficient for your skin. You have to take internal care of your body.

Always prefer locally sourced home-cooked food.

In fact, if you start eating what your grandmother used to eat, your skin will literally thank you. It will get to its best without much external effort.

In this article, we’ll convert this foreign remedy to a local one. We’ll get glass skin but in our Indian style using our own ingredients.

As a result, you’ll get a skin you can call glass skin.

Table of Contents:


For this amazing DIY glass skin remedy, we need these ingredients:


Step 1: Take 2 big tablespoons of white rice in a pan and wash them.

Step 2: Add 2-3 cups of water and boil it.

Step 3: When cooked properly, filter the extra water.

When people applied rice water on their faces for 7 days continuously, their skin became vibrant.
Rice water contains natural UV protection which makes your skin vibrant and its protein content helps your skin produce collagen, making your skin supple and glow.

Step 4: When rice water cools down, add 1/3rd tablespoon of wild turmeric.

Step 5: Add 2 tablespoons of yogurt.

Step 6: Add 1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder.

You can use orange peel powder in place of sandalwood powder.

Step 7: Mix well.

Step 8: Put this mixture into an ice cube tray and refrigerate it.

Since we added curd, it can get spoiled. That’s why we’re refrigerating it.


If you’ve done ice application before → Directly apply the ice cube on your face.

If you’ve not done ice application before → Keep one cube outside and let it melt. Then apply it.

If you’ve applied an ice cube or are uncomfortable with it, don’t try it. You can get rashes.

After the first application wait for some time and do a second coat, then a third coat and keep doing it till one cube is finished.

Then splash some plain water and clean your face.

Don’t forget to apply toner.


If you want to watch the video version of this article, you can watch this video (and don't forget to check the comment section.)


Every ingredient we have used in preparation has exfoliating properties. They can clean your skin, and reduce dark spots and any pigmentation on your face.

It will give you better results if you do this remedy in your night-care routine. If you do this remedy for a longer period, your skin will become flawless which you can call glass skin.

All the remedies that I share with you here are very easy and simple. So, follow these simple steps and achieve great results for yourself.

If you’ve any queries related to this remedy, please share them in the comments.

Here are some articles that will help you take optimal care of your skin👇

If you’re not a part of our amazing family, you’re missing out. Join us today and start your natural skincare and haircare journey and get help from other community members. 😊

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