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How To Remove Dark Circles Permanently At Home?

Updated: May 8

How To  Remove Dark Circles Permanently At Home?

Do you also love dark eyeshadows (especially black ones), thick eyeliners, and deep kajals as much as I do?

Smoky eyes are a bold makeup trend that looks stunning! Smoky and bold eyes are simply beautiful.

But what if you get this darkness around your eyes naturally (not in a good way)?

In this article, we'll learn what causes dark circles and how can we remove it permanently in just 7 days with four simple kitchen ingredients.

Table of Contents:

What Causes Dark Circles?

Dark circles indicate an unstable sleep schedule and various other factors. Some of the factors that lead to dark circles are -

1]. Fatigue:

  • Your skin may become more lifeless and pallid due to sleeping too much or too little.

  • As a result, the blood vessels and black tissues under your skin may stand out more.

  • Lack of sleep may also result from fluid accumulation under your eyes, giving those areas a puffy appearance.

  • If so, swollen eyelids may cast shadows that look like dark circles.

2]. Allergies:

  • Dark circles can occur due to dry eyes and allergic reactions.

  • Your body releases histamines to ward off the intruder when you experience an allergic reaction.

  • It could result in swollen, red, and irritated eyes.

  • Scratching irritated skin may result in oedema, blood vessel damage, and inflammation, leading to pigmentation.

3]. Reduced Fatty Tissues Around The Eyes (ageing):

  • Your skin tends to droop and grow thinner as you age.

  • The fat and collagen that maintain the flexibility of your skin may start to decline.

  • The area behind your eyes darkens as a result of the exposed dark blood veins beneath your skin.

4]. Dehydration:

  • POH may occur as a result of dehydration.

  • The skin around your eyes starts to seem dull, and your eyes appear sunken when your body is dehydrated.

  • The proximity of your eyes to the underlying bone is to blame for this.

5]. Eye Strain:

  • Your eyes may become tired if you stare at a computer or television screen for an extended time.

  • Your eye area's blood vessels may widen due to strain, possibly resulting in dark circles.

6]. Exposure to the Sun:

  • Under-eye circles might develop due to prolonged sun exposure or injury.

  • Post-inflammatory pigmentation is what is meant by this.

  • Excess melanin, the pigment that provides skin colour, may be produced by too much sun.

  • Hyperpigmentation may develop from your body depositing this extra melanin under your eyes.

7]. Anaemia:

  • When your red blood cell count is lower than normal, this is because you have anaemia.

  • You can feel weak, light-headed, faint, out of breath, and exhausted.

  • Your complexion may appear paler than usual, and you may have dark circles under your eyes if you have anaemia.

8]. Hormonal Imbalance:

  • You most likely have hormonal imbalances if dark circles are under your eyes constantly.

  • Whatever you do, it will always be a part of you. Adrenal exhaustion is to blame for it. It requires proper medical care.

  • Some simple medications can cure this problem and return your radiant under-eye to you!

9]. Sleeping With Makeup:

  • Not removing makeup at the end of the day leads to dark circles and other skin problems.

  • It is mainly for youngsters and teenagers who get careless with their skincare.

  • Now is the time you take care of your skin; your skin will thank you in the future.

  • Cleaning your face thoroughly before bed will help you in the long run.

10]. Touching And Rubbing The Eyes:

  • Your under eyelids may enlarge, and your blood vessels may break if you rub and scratch them.

Your lifestyle can also be a reason behind your dark circles. If you are a smoker or drinker, dark circles will be one of the many problems.

Leading a healthy life, eating healthy, and fixing your sleep schedule are the first steps toward ridding any negativity in your life.

While caring for your health and fixing your lifestyle, you can opt for topical measures to remove dark circles.

How To Remove Dark Circles Permanently?

Here are some simple steps you can follow to remove dark circles permanently.


1]. Raw Milk:

  • Lactic acid, which is present in raw milk, helps slow down skin ageing and pigmentation.

  • Additionally, cool milk helps to relax the blood vessels around the eyes.

2]. Potato:

  • A potato chemical called quercetin has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

  • It lessens the look of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

3]. Mint Leaves:

  • Mint leaves include antioxidants that effectively lighten the dark circles.

4]. Vitamin E Oil:

  • Vitamin E oil is similar to a superfood for skin treatment.

  • All skin types, including dry, mature, and sensitive skin, respond well to this multipurpose component.

  • It's calming and lessens the size of skin wrinkles, making it a magical anti-ageing alternative.


STEP 1: Cleansing

Gently apply raw milk under the eye with cotton pads dipped in the milk. Do not rinse, and let the skin absorb the milk. It will feel sticky (after all, it's milk).

Let it dry naturally. Once dried, move to the next step.

STEP 2: DIY Eye Pack

The preparation of this eye pack requires a small potato and mint leaves.

Peel the potato and put it in a container along with mint leaves. Put these two ingredients in the freezer for approximately 20 minutes (you do not have to freeze them).

When the ingredients cool down, mash them properly and make two patties (or tikkis). Your eye packs are ready for application!

Put one patty on each eye. Mint will give a cooling sensation, indicating that this eye pack is doing its magic!

Leave it on your eyes for a minimum of 5-10 minutes. You can keep it for a longer time if comfortable.

STEP 3: Vitamin E Oil

How to use vitamin E oil for dark circles?

It is easy to use.

Take vitamin E oil on your fingertips and gently dab it on the areas of dark circles around your eyes. Let your skin absorb the oil. Do not massage the oil, as massaging can cause fine lines.

While applying this oil, you can do various eye exercises.

Leave the oil on, do not rinse.

It is best to do this remedy at night before retiring for the day. Your skin cells will have more time to absorb all the magical components. Doing this remedy for one week will give you visible results.

Eating healthy food and making lifestyle changes will help the remedy work better. It is crucial to care for yourself internally if you want the topical applications to give the best results.


If you want to watch the video version of this article, you can watch this video (and don't forget to check the comment section.)


This amazing DIY remedy will not only help you to cure your dark circles but also treat problems like Puffy eyes, Wrinkles and the dark areas around your eyes. This remedy is very easy to prepare and using it regularly will give you wonderful results.

After trying and getting results please come back and tell us in the comment section how was the experience for you and what results you got. I'll be waiting for your comment.

Also, if you’re not a part of our amazing family, you’re missing out. Join us today and start your natural skincare and haircare journey and get help from other community members. 😊

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