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Collagen Boosting At Home

Updated: Mar 22

Collagen boosting at home

Achieving radiant, youthful skin is a desire shared by many, and one key ingredient in this pursuit is collagen.

Collagen, the most abundant protein in our bodies, plays a crucial role in maintaining skin elasticity and firmness.

As we age, our natural collagen production declines, leading to visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles and sagging skin.

While professional treatments exist to boost collagen levels, there's a growing interest in effective at-home methods to achieve similar results.

In this article, we'll learn how to boost collagen at home using a simple 5-step remedy.

Table Of Contents:

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein that provides suppleness to the skin. It prevents the skin from sagging and gives a youthful radiance. Collagen is that element that keeps the skin supple and bouncy.

It slows the signs of ageing and prevents pigmentation and dark spots. Collagen is also one of the main proteins that build up the tissues of bones, hair, skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.

It is present in the lining of your intestines, blood vessels, and organs. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline are the three chief amino acids that make up collagen.

What Are The Benefits Of Collagen For Our Skin?

  • Reduces wrinkles

  • Strengthens hair

  • Lengthens nails

  • Radiant skin

  • Improves gut health

  • Build strong bones

How can we boost collagen?

There are two ways -

1) Consume collagen-rich food

2) Topical application.

Collagen-rich food items are those which are rich in Vitamin C. Some examples are -

  • Bone Broth

  • Chicken

  • Fish and Shellfish

  • Egg Whites

  • Citrus Fruits (orange, lemon, grapefruit, etc.)

  • Berries

  • Tropical Fruits (mango, kiwi, pineapple, and guava)

  • Garlic

  • Leafy Greens

  • Beans

  • Cashews

  • Tomatoes

  • Bell Peppers

After noting and including collagen-rich foods in our diet, it is time to understand the topical measures.

Before starting any skincare process, it is necessary to cleanse the face. If you do not wear makeup, using a regular cleanser is enough.

But, if you wear the slightest makeup (even if it is just a kajal), use micellar water to double-cleanse the face. Any topical remedy will be effective if the skin is clean!


  • Potato

  • Honey

  • Red lentil powder (masoor dal powder)

  • Rice Flour

  • Aloe Vera Gel

  • Rose water

  • Multani Mitti

  • Rice flour

The main ingredient in this process is potato. Potatoes are rich in Vitamin C. It revitalizes the skin and nourishes it. Potato also tones and tightens the skin.

Firstly, we will prepare our star ingredient. Every step of this remedy requires this ingredient. So, let's make it!

Take two small-sized potatoes or one medium potato and peel them. Wash the potatoes nicely and grind them till they turn into a paste. You can either extract the juice from the paste or use it as it is (it is up to you!).

Now that our star ingredient is ready, it's time to start the process!


STEP 1: Potato Cleansing

Take one tablespoon of potato paste in a bowl and Add a little honey to it in case of oily skin, in case of dry skin, add one tablespoon of milk.

Mix the two ingredients well.

Apply this paste on your face and neck with a brush or a face mask applicator. I suggest using a brush or an applicator as this is a cleansing process.

Your hands might be dirty, which might not help the process to succeed. If you do not have either, use your hands, but they should be clean.

Leave this paste on your face for 10 mins and wipe it off.

STEP 2: Scrubing

Please Note: If you feel you do not require scrubbing, you do not have any dead skin cells or any deposition, skip this step and move straight to the third step.

In this step, you will make a gentle exfoliator.

Take one tablespoon of rice flour or masoor dal powder (red lentil powder) in a bowl and one tablespoon of potato juice. Mix the contents well!

Exfoliate your skin with gentle hands. Rice flour has a grainy consistency. If you rub your face harshly, it might scratch and leave scars.

If you are sceptical about the amount of pressure you need to put while scrubbing, apply the scrub and leave it for nearly 5 minutes. The potato will work just as well!

STEP: 3 - Massage

For the preparation of massaging cream -

Take two tablespoons of potato paste and add an equal amount of aloe vera gel. Mix the ingredients well, and your massaging cream is ready!

Apply a thick layer of this cream on your face and neck and leave it on for 2-3 mins.

After 2-3 mins, you can start or spray rose water to reduce the thickness and then start massaging. Make sure that you massage the cream thoroughly on your face and neck.

Unlike market creams, you can apply this cream under the eyes, on the eyelids, and around the mouth. If you are comfortable using gua sha, you can use it for massaging.

This cream should penetrate your skin nicely to give supple, bouncy, and glowy skin!

Wipe off the face after massaging. You will notice a visible change in your face. Your skin will look healthy and supple!

But the process is not over yet. It is necessary to close the open pores.


To prepare this face mask, you require one tablespoon of Multani mitti, one tablespoon of sandalwood powder, and the remainder of potato paste.

If you are uncomfortable with sandalwood powder or it is tough to find, add another tablespoon of multani mitti. Another alternative is masoor dal powder (red lentil powder).

Mix the ingredients, and your face mask is ready!

The purpose of applying a face mask is to lock the radiance of your skin. You can use the face pack of your choice and add potato paste or juice to boost it!

Apply the face pack evenly on your face and neck. Do not let it dry completely, wipe it off when it is semi-dry.

After wiping your face, you will be pleased to see how radiant you look! But the process is not over yet. Your skin requires closure after this long process.


You can use any toner of your choice. I suggest using rose water as a toner. Let it seep into your skin for 2-3 mins. Now apply the moisturizer of your choice.

Moisturizing is crucial after the face mask. If you use the face mask containing multani mitti, you HVAE TO moisturize nicely.

Multani mitti dehydrates the skin gradually. So positively hydrate your skin! Remember, hydration is the key to healthy skin.


Never skip sunscreen! Even if you do not go out of the house, never forget to apply sunscreen.

Sunscreen protects the skin from harmful UV rays and guards the skin. If you skip the sunscreen, the entire process that you did will fail!

So always keep in mind to apply sunscreen. It will secure the results for a longer period.

If you are sceptical about using any ingredients in this process, please take a patch test. Once you are satisfied with the result, go ahead!

You can do these steps once every 15 days. Your skin will feel healthier and suppler! A visible collagen boost will astound you. If you do this process once every 15 days, you will forget about facials altogether!

To learn more about collagen, you can head to my YouTube channel.

If you’re not a part of our amazing family, you’re missing out. Join us today and start your natural skincare and haircare journey and get help from other community members. 😊

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Really helpful article... Signs of aging is serious topic for everyone


07 mai 2023
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Multani mitti and sandalwood powder is so potent that I have no words to describe it ❤️🥹 can creates magic itself and I can feel after following all these steps my skin will give me blessings 🥹


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shefali Pareek
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Thanks for informing that simplest of foods existing in our kitchen could just completely change the game.. and that bonus step was actually a bonus! thanks 😄


Somya Sharma
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Wow...amazing remedy its better to use it in a natural and affordable way then to use the expensive ones...😊😊thnku so much for this will definitely gonna try it❤️❤️


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Deeksha Bisht
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Wow..learnt so much through this post!

Collagen boosting gets so easy with this remedy and good dietary habits!

Thankyou for everything :)

Now there is no need to go anywhere and everywhere - Preity Prerna is here for the rescue. One stop for all our problems <3

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