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Top 10 Benefits of Alum: Preity Prerna

Updated: May 8

Top 10 Benefits of Alum: Preity Prerna

You must have heard about alum. If not as an "alum," then you must have heard it by its other names like fitkari, swatika bhasm, or turti in Marathi.

Alum looks like crystal and gives a solid salt-like texture. In scientific terms, water molecules, aluminium or other metal atoms, and sulfates are the main components of the inorganic chemical compound - alum.

The basic form of alum is a hydrated aluminium double-sulfate salt. Alum is used for cooking and medicinal purposes.

You must have seen your father or grandfather using it as an aftershave. You will find out the reason behind it and many other benefits of alum through this article.

Alum is a pocket-friendly element with a plethora of benefits. After reading about these uses and benefits, you will make it a part of your household.

In this article, we'll learn about the top 10 benefits that our ancestors were getting from alum.

Table of contents:

1]. It is anti-microbial.

  • An antibacterial substance kills bacteria and prevents the spread of infection. Alum has antibacterial properties, which makes it capable of healing injuries, dandruff, or various infections.

  • All you need to do is dip a piece of alum in water and rub it directly on the affected area. Rub it for one minute and keep it aside.

  • It will not melt or break apart. After some time, you will see a salt-like substance in that area. It is an indication that the alum has done its job.

  • The alum prevents blood clots and stops the bacteria from spreading. You can include alum in your first-aid kit and use it in cases of emergencies.

2]. It can purify water.

  • Alum can clean water and remove its hardness. Because it is a simple and affordable approach to clear murky water, its use has been widespread for a long time.

  • One of the common practices in traditional water treatment systems is the use of alum along with filtration.

  • You can add a pinch of alum powder to your water to purify it. You can also add a small piece of alum to the water. Alum is a better alternative than chlorine.

3]. It can lighten and brighten the skin.

  • Alum powder has amazing skin-lightening effects and effectively fades dark spots and acne scars.

  • Alum powder helps treat various skin issues in addition to skin lightening because it also has antibacterial characteristics. If your skin feels too dull or if you get frequent breakouts, try using alum powder.

  • Mix a little bit of alum powder with rose water and apply it to your skin. It will rectify your skin problems and brighten your skin.

  • Remember, this is ultimately a salt and can dehydrate your skin, so do not forget to moisturize your skin after applying this blend.

4]. It can help in maintaining good oral health.

  • Alum can treat teeth and gum problems. There is a solid reason why alum is a popular element in many oral care products.

  • Its superb astringent characteristics aid in tightening the gums and reducing bleeding.

  • Additionally, this all-natural ingredient aids in eliminating bad breath and harmful oral germs that can cause gum disease and tooth decay. If you have a sore throat, alum can cure that too.

  • Add a pinch of alum powder to lukewarm water. You can use it to rinse your mouth or gargle.

  • Do this regularly for the best results. Using alum powder for oral health in a disciplined manner will help to keep your mouth healthy.

5]. It heals cracked heels.

  • One of the alum's numerous skin-friendly qualities is its ability to calm and treat cracked heels.

  • When applied to cracked heels, alum promotes the growth of new tissue and speeds up the healing process. Alum can help to stop cracked heels from happening again in the future.

  • You can prepare a soak using lukewarm water and alum powder. Let your feet soak in this water for some time, and say bye-bye to cracked heels. If you do not have the time to soak your feet, do not worry, as there is an alternative.

  • You can dip alum in water and rub it on the affected area. It will not work immediately. Keep doing this regularly to get crack-free heels.

6]. It reduces inflammation.

  • Alum can cure inflammation caused due to any issues. The alum's astringent and antiseptic characteristics assist in reducing swelling and bleeding, while the antiseptic capabilities offer defence against disease-causing germs.

  • Dip the alum and water and rub it on the affected area. Alum will help subside the inflammation.

7]. It can act as an anti-astringent, antiperspirant and anti-odour.

  • Due to their ability to inhibit bacterial growth and lessen discomfort, alum blocks are often used as shaving accessories.

  • By doing this, the chance of an infection or shaving rash may be decreased. To help the blood clot and swiftly close the wound, styptic pencils are anti-hemorrhagic medications that treat shaving cuts.

  • It is for both men and women. Just rub the alum block on the shaved area!

  • Also, due to its capacity to reduce perspiration, alum is preferred in antiperspirants. If you use roll-ons, give alum a shot. It will not provide fragrance but prevent body odour and sweating.

8]. It can remove unwanted hair.

  • Since the dawn of civilization, people have used alum as a natural method to remove undesirable facial hair. This method is quite successful and may work for both the face and the body.

  • When applied to the skin, alum acts as a mild abrasive and aids in permanently removing facial hair.

  • You can soak alum block in water and rub it on your face. Do not apply too much force. Alum is dehydrating, so make sure to moisturize thoroughly.

  • But remember, this process can take time, so be patient. It can take more than a month as well. Doing this regularly will surely give you results.

9]. It can cure various skin problems.

  • If you are tired of blackheads, dark circles, oily skin, active acne, or acne scars, alum is here for the rescue.

  • Take alum powder and add rose water to it. Make a paste and apply it to your under eyes to cure dark circles.

  • You can apply this paste on the areas of your face you feel are the oiliest for controlling oil. Apply it on acne scars, blackheads, or active acne, and say bye-bye to them.

  • Again, remember that alum is dehydrating, and you should not leave it on your skin for a long time. Wash it off immediately after it dries.

10]. It can tighten the skin.

  • Our skin sags and gets loose as we age. It's ageing's first warning sign. Amazingly, this natural substance can tighten your skin. It restores the youth to your skin.

  • All you have to do is rub the soaked alum on your face and let it dry. Splash water immediately after it dries. Do not forget to moisturize.

  • Doing this remedy once a day is sufficient. Overdoing can lead to dry skin.



Besides all these wonders, alum is also beneficial for mosquito bites. Rub alum on the affected area and see the magic!

I am sure you are surprised to know about so many uses and benefits of alum. This element can benefit you in many ways if you incorporate it into your daily life.

If you liked this guide and want to learn more about natural ingredients, here's what you need.

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